Someone Called The Baitfish Police

A friendly discussion about the comparison from using livebait to artificial lures. And 3 reasons artificial lures are better.


I wanted to share this with you. The other day we were at our local tackle shot shooting the breeze when this guy says that only big fish eat live bait.  He goes on to say that the bass sense if the bait is alive and larger bass know that turn away any bait that is not alive.

Now let me start by emphasizing that I’m not opposed to fishing with live bait. I think it is incredibly fun and a great way to introduce someone to fishing. But, on the other hand…I think this guy was totally out of his mind.  But before you call the baitfish police…please read below about my 3 reasons why artificial bait is better than live bait.


“Ooo Ooo That Smell! Can’t You Smell That Smell!” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

1) Presentation Control

crankbait double - Mythik Lures

You decide how you want that bait to look like.

You want it fast, reel it in fast. You want it slow, do slow pulls. Do you want the bait to pop up quickly? Do it with short jerks or hops.

With live bait, you do not have as much variability.

2) Time Constraints.

live bait throw shad net

When is the best time to catch live bait?  That’s right in the morning or after the sun sets under a flood light using your live bait net.  When is the best time to buy soft plastic shad jerkbaits?  That’s right it doesn’t freaking matter!

As long as the store is open for business, the bait is not going to spoil.  It’s a colored rubber in a plastic bag!  You can go buy soft plastic baits on your lunch break.  And coming from experience…NEVER leave fresh bait overnight. Barf-o-rama!!!

That reason only should close the argument why artificial bait is better than live bait.

This also gives you some additional time when you are on the water. 

If you spend time searching for live bait, you are spending less time fishing.  The guy who is properly using his artificial bait can have fished for hours before the live bait-guy even gets his line wet.

3)  More Baitfish In The Lake = Fat Fish

I’ve seen guys net 200+ baitfish just to go out for a single night. Now keep in mind MOST of these baitfish will die in the livewell and only feed the crawfish after live bait-guy dumps them when done fishing.

Fishing with artificial lures you keep the baitfish in the water where they can serve as natural forage.

Now before you call the Live Bait Police and start sending us hate mail, let’s make this clear again…I’m not about not using live bait.  However, there is a clear time and place for it.  If you’re adamant about using live bait, then only harvest what you really would go through. If you don’t know, call a local guide service and ask them. Most are very, very willing to answer any questions.

Well, there you have it my Top 3 Reasons Why Artificial Bait Is Better Than Live Bait.

Do you agree that artificial bait is better than live bait? Yes, No? Leave a comment below.

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