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Fall bassin' with gerald swindle

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In a recent interview with Gerald Swindle he was asked about a favorite pattern in the fall. His answer was “chasing bass in the backs of the creeks”. He emphasized that he is not worried about actually catching the fish, but activating the schooling fish once they are found. He further talked about what products makes him successful on water.

First off, this Humminbird unit is very user-friendly. Humminbird has phenomenal customer service and they offer a great customer forum to help answer any questions you may have when you are getting familiar with your new sonar unit.

The unit offers a wide array of features to help you excel on the water. It offers a huge 10-inch display with GPS map and color contour changes.

It features dual-beam imaging that will give you a broad and focused view of what is going on under the sonar. The side-scan helps you scan the surrounding water without spooking the fish.

The display is ultra-bright even in full-sun conditions.

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2: T-H Marine Hydrowave H2 KVD Edition

Gerald Swindle explained that he can mimic a school of shad being balled up and perused by hungry bass when he uses his Hydrowave. He further explained that this fires up the nearby bass and makes them easier to catch.

The KVD HydroWave H2 is a marine audio device that delivers 16 patented sound patterns that have scientifically been proven to stimulate feeding game fish. In addition to the sound patterns, the KVD H2 Bass Hydrowave has 9 additional sound patterns to very precise conditions:  • Shallow Power • Shallow Finesse • Vegetation • Top Water Schooling • Off Shore Structure • Off Shore Schooling • Off Shore Finesse • Marinas/Docks • Crawfish

Not only does this unit mimic the sounds of baitfish this also has been known to mask the unnatural sounds of a bass boat and its trolling motor.

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Gerald stated that since he is actively targeting fish that are in a feeding frenzy, having a high-speed reel is incredibly important. That is why he recommends that Quantum Smoke S3 7.3:1.  The reel needs to be versatile and needs to handle everything from a spinnerbait, lipless crankbait, poppers to buzzbait.  Remember speed and covering water is the name of the game during the fall.

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4: Polarized Sunglasses - Costa Del Mar Sunglasses BLACKFIN Matte Black Polarized Blue Mirror 580 Glass

Having the proper eyewear on the water is just as vital when you are sight fishing when you are chasing schooling bass.  The polarized lens’ will cut through the glare and allow you to target specific structures. Costa glasses have polycarbonate lenses and are very shatter-resistant.  These glasses continue to be a trusted accessory to thousands of anglers on the water.

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In Summary...

So there you have it. In a nutshell, that is what Gerald Swindle uses to make himself successful on the water during the fall. 

Fall is an exciting time of year, but the fishing is dang hard!  We understand your problems!

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