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Mythik Lures was Established in 2013 after taking a hobby of creating my own fishing lures became much more. During tournaments other anglers showed interest in my lures and Mythik Lures was born. Since then Mythik Lures has perfected our design and color choices we have also added other fishing related products that increase anglers efficiency on the water.

2014, Mythik Lures branched out to not only Ebay but also to the impressivie platfirm we all know as Amazon.com. Within a few years we have established ourselves as a market leader in its perspective niches.

Currently Mythik Lures is continuing its reserch and design to further expand our product line.

About Us

Mythik Lures is owned and operated by a husband and wife team.   Mr. Mythik Lures is a Physician Assistant with a background in emergency medicine, acute care and orthopedic surgery.   Mrs. Mythik Lures is a licensed real estate agent, graduated pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu and currently a domestic engineer for our 3 boys.


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