[CASE STUDY] How I Created A 5-Step Plan To Locate and Catch Fall Bass

Is bass fishing good in the fall? Answer: YES! We’re going to give you all the fall bass tactics, lure colors, techniques and patterns you’ll need!  Especially when you encounter the dreaded… Baitfish Bonanza….More than any other time of year especially in September and October Bass are most dependent on the location of baitfish. During … Read more

[My Horrible Tournament Mistake] Don’t Dump The Docks For Fall Bass Fishing

Well, I did it again… Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach… I’m human and I’m definitely not perfect, so here’s a little backstory… I want you to know about my buddy’s pattern for WINNING Fall Bass tournaments by targeting Docks! So one morning, I met up with a friend of mine at a nearby lake for … Read more

Why Deep Crankbait Fishing For Fall Bass Is Hotter Than Scarlett Johansson

A quick background… Talk to any seasoned angler, and they’ll tell you that deep-diving crankbaits work for summer bass, many anglers often overlook deep crankbait fishing for fall bass. You see, bass will typically gather at the mouth of the cove first, next to open water, before making their way to the warmer water at … Read more

What The Pros Use – Fall Bassin’ With Gerald Swindle

What The Pros Use Fall bassin’ with gerald swindle photo cred (above):  bassmaster.com Intro In a recent interview with Gerald Swindle he was asked about a favorite pattern in the fall. His answer was “chasing bass in the backs of the creeks”. He emphasized that he is not worried about actually catching the fish, but … Read more