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VIP Members Will Receive Offers To Become A Product Testers, VIP-Only Product Giveaway Contests, Secure Extremely High Value VIP-Only Coupons And Gain Exclusive Insight With Our VIP-Only Tutorials. Sounds like a pretty good deal doesn't it?

Power Of Commnity

From Time To Time We Ask You To Voluntarily Share Your Opinion and Knowledge. Everybody is different and we want to know you think of the product. Super Easy Right?

What's The Cost?

Since We Are Actively Recruiting A VIP Members, The Cost Is Absolutely FREE! -- However, This Will Change In The Future, So Make Sure You Sign Up Today!

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"We Are The Only Company That Takes The Feedback From Our Members To Offer Direct Input In Product Development And Testing."

Imagine this…you’re on the water and you cast out your favorite lure and catch an absolute hog of a fish!

Best of all, the lure you caught the monster bass on is one that you’ve given us your opinion on and then tested as a Product Tester

How cool is that!!!

Through social media, discreet emails and confidential surveys, we take your valuable opinion that you shared with us and come up with products that you want to fish with…not the other way around.

Don't Take Our Word For It! Here's Why Our Members Love Our Community...

Mythik Lures Sales Page - Tai Au Testimonial

“I absolutely love my Mythik Lures dropshot weights.  Fast shipping and you know it’s a quality product when it doesn’t cut 5lb test line and you don’t lose them after hooking into a fish like some of the other brands!”

Tai Au - Professional Bass Angler

"The products are legit and the giveaway contests are fun.". -- P. Tang

"I became a member after entering the one of the big bundle hand-out contests. I like that you stay in touch with us be asking us questions about different ideas about baits and stuff. I liked that I was able to try out the drop shot weights" -- J. Pastiak

"I became a member after seeing your Instagram page because I liked the pictures. I won Runner's Up For The Biggest Fish Picture Contest". -- B. Krayezki

"I like the no BS approach to fishing. I dig the reviews that you do with other products. I was able to test the 7 inch Trout glide bait". -- J. York

Here's The TRUTH on how to AVOID Wasting Valuable Time On The Water and Throwing Away Money On Lures That Just Don’t Work!

So there you have it –  Mythik Lures VIP Community

Our Community really delivers the goods and allows you to become an EXCLUSIVE product tester and we even created MASSIVE high-value coupons and INSANE VIP-Only tutorials to help answer important questions and challenges many serious bass anglers face.

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