Well, I did it again…

Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach…

I’m human and I’m definitely not perfect, so here’s a little backstory…

I want you to know about my buddy’s pattern for WINNING Fall Bass tournaments by targeting Docks!

So one morning, I met up with a friend of mine at a nearby lake for a friendly competition… and I’m a little embarrassed to say… he completely gave me an old’ fashioned Ass Whoopin’.  

The lake transitioned into a fall pattern and I knew the bass were chasing shad. BUT…

The lake just had a warm front move through over the last few days and it seemed like it warmed the water up again.  Plus it was clear blue skies with an intermittent small breeze. It felt like SUMMER again. BLAH!

So I targeted main lake points and ledges…

But every spot I threw in, I was getting completely hosed!  NOTHING!  GOOSE EGG!

At our “weight in”, my buddy just grinned, showed off the fish he caught.  He completely smoked me!  It was brutal.

Of course, after he was done bragging, I asked him what his tricks were for the day.  This is what he told me…

He said “Docks”…but not just any docks.  SPECIFIC DOCKS.

He said sometimes because of the warm front he would have focused on the main lake (just like I did)…

However,  his effort that day was on the docks.  It seemed at first it was just trial and error. 

He explained,  that after a few bites he started to note where the dock was located or positioned on the lake. That’s important for fall bass fishing.

He began to take note… Was the dock in a cove, the main lake, back of creek or on a point?


He said that fish don’t give a rat’s ass what type of dock it is.  If it provides shade and cover they’ll use it.

Once he started to catch a couple of fish he noticed the docks that had some type of current were more productive than the ones that did not.  We speculated that since there really was not any breeze to mix up the water, the current docks would provide fresh oxygenated water and source of food.

An interesting thing he explained was that you need to pay attention to how the land under the dock was.  

What type of bank was the dock coming off of?…  

It was a bank at a 45-degree angle, steep angle, gradual angle.

The docks he was catching them off were attached to banks that had a 45-degree angle that was near other natural structures like points, drop-offs, submerged and nearby ledges…

Somewhere the bass can retreat to if they feel threatened.


A good rule of thumb is that if the dock is really shallow you’ll want a bait that will fall to the bottom like a jig, texas rigged worm or drop shot.

But if the dock you’re fishing is deep the fish will be suspended.  You’ll want something to keep high in the water column. Lures like a spinnerbait, wacky-rigged Senko, swim jig (or bladed swim jig), soft plastic swimbait, or an umbrella rig.

In Summary…

Docks are your friends, get to know them and whats going on around them. Don’t Dump The Docks For Fall Bass Fishing

All I care about is helping you catch more fish and not getting your butt whopped like I did! LOL.

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Until next time…

Catch Your Legend!


(Chief Fishing Enthusiast)

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