17 Surefire Tips To Explode Your Efficiency Fishing Grass All Season Long!

Even If You Never Fished Grass Before!


“Finally! An Actionable Guide To Fish Grass All Year Long…Even If You Never Fished Grass Before! So Pay Attention And Read On, Because Fishing Grass Can Earn You A Lot Of Green…Tournament Money That Is!”

Bass fishing milfoil

Nearly every body of water has some form of grass. Species such as hydrilla and milfoil are by far the most common because they are an invasive species.

Now we know that bass anglers love to fish grass, because it delivers everything a bass needs to thrive: cover, food source (ei; bream eating the grass), oxygen, warmth (when it’s cold), and shade (when it’s hot).

Although another type of grass may be present, many professional anglers will concentrate their time on these species of grass because of the unique conditions they provide.



“Choose the lightest weight possible to get the bait to the bottom and keep it on the bottom, all while not getting hung up.”

Tip 1: Hydrilla and milfoil are short this time of year, less than a foot long tall. The northern reaches the lake will warm quicker than the southern locations, which allows the grass to grow faster and fuller.

Once you’re at the northern part of the lake, find flats that are south facing.  It’s even better if those flats have a little current nearby. These areas will become prime bass spawning grounds.

As the spawning season progresses, the bass will use these grass patches for cover if they are not locked on to their bed when they feel threatened.

Tip 2: One of the most effective ways to fish grass during the springtime is to use a lipless crankbait. Heavy for their size, small and compact, the lipless crankbait offers the perfect meal to hungry bass.

Other tackle options would be: an underspin with a soft plastic swimbait trailer, drop shot rig, Carolina rig, crankbait, buzzbait or a topwater plug.

Whatever bait you’re going with first choose a natural shad or bluegill/bream patterns. Keep in mind, the water is still probably clear, so bright in-your-face colors aren’t required.

lipless crankbait deep grass fishing
Lipless Crankbait - Deep Grass Fishing

Sometimes the bass do like something different and will react to brighter colors. Red, maroon, and chartreuse colors work great when the bass are not biting anything else.

Use the lipless crankbait to run deep enough to tick-and-tap across the tops of the grass and allow it to get lightly hung up.  This will drive the bass to investigate. Once you feel you’re on a piece of grass, pause for just a few seconds and then RIP the lure free. This will cause the bass to reactively strike the lure!

Lucky Craft LV 500 Spring Craw - fishing thick grass
Lucky Craft LV500 - Spring Craw

Tip 3: You’ll observe in these areas that there will be roaming groups of buck-bass, females who just have laid her eggs is nearby the male who is guarding the nest.  Remember, the female will hang around the nest before retreating to her deeper haunts, leaving the male to guard the nest.

Tip 4: Drop Shot rigs work great on spring grass flats when targeting cruising bass.  Pick the right drop shot weight and make sure your hook is above the grass line.

The best drop shot weight to start with would be lead skinny drop shot weight.  Nothing’s more frustrating than having your fishing weight get snagged on the bottom. Use these Skinny Finesse Drop Shot weights when you are fishing from shore and/or fishing around rocks and cracks. These resist snagging since the skinny shape tends to slip through better and can really make a difference between having a fun day or a frustrating day!  Start with the lightest weight available until you feel the bottom but without getting snagged.

Tip 5: Take into account that when you cast out in ahead of you the line will be on an angle, so you’ll need a longer than a normal leader to keep the bait above the top of the grass a few inches. 


“Sun’s Out Guns Out!”

Flipping and pitching bass in thick mat
Flipping The Edges Of Thick Grass Mat

In the warm summer months, the grass can grow incredibly quickly, and the tops of the grass are most likely near the surface or on the surface.

Tip 6: Look for grass patches that are exposed to current. The current will bring lifegiving food and nutrients to the forage prey that bass feed on.  

As a reminder, there are 4 types of current we need to briefly discuss here:

  • On certain reservoirs, the current will be created by water being let out to generate electricity and/or feed crops.
  • Some lakes have an active river system that will provide the current.
  • Some lakes are very windy. The wind creates current by blowing directly on the water and will blow shad and other forage over a specific ambush point, bluff or structure.
  • Finally, some lakes will be tidal, as the California Delta system 
Hydroelectric Dam - Bass Fishing Grass In Current
Tennessee River - Bass Fishing Grass In Current
California Delta Tidal Wetlands - Bass Fishing Grass In Current

Tip 7: The only horizontal presentation you need to really concern yourself with is throwing a topwater frog.

When using a frog over grass, work the frog to the water edge and pause it.

Don’t forget to bend the hooks slightly up to get a better hookset ratio.

Stanley Buzz Frog Topwater Frog bass fishing grass mats vegetation mythik lures
Stanley Buzz Frogs Are Awesome For Topwater Mat Fishing!
Frog Fishing On Grass And Mats

As the sun starts to get higher in the sky and the frog bite has died down you need to start thinking vertical fishing.

Tip 9: A fun phrase we like to say is “sun’s out, guns out”.  Meaning, get out your heavy-duty flipping and pitching gear. Start flipping heavy jigs and pitching the edges of the grass line.

Start by flipping and pitching large worms or creature baits with a 1/2 ounce – 1-ounce weight.

Probe the edges and cuts first before working your way into the grass patch.

Tip 10: Find oddities in the structure that are near the grass line, such as a large pile of boulders, rip-rap, submerged timber, or even brush/stumps and focus some time fishing those areas.

Tip 11: Use your sonar to find other changes in lake bed composition. Sonars with side views are great for this.

  • Look for sudden changes in depth such as holes or depressions because bass will use both of these places as ambush spots.
Fitzgerald Mega Flipping Jig
3/4 Ounce Fitzgerald Mega Flipping Jig
summer spring jig bass grass mat
Prime Grass Mat Location To Flip For Bass


“Even As The Weather Is Cooling Fishing Grass Is Still HOT!”

Mythik Lures Live Target Topwater Frog bass fishing grass mats vegetation
Live Target Frogs Are Awesome For Topwater Mat Fishing!

By now the hydrilla and milfoil have grown dense. As the weather cools the vegetation starts to die off.  This causes algae to grow on the undergrowth, and remember, algae is a primary food source for crayfish and bream.  Once these forage species start to congregate and feed it will draw the bass in.

Tip 12: Topwater frogs work phenomenally in this setting. The bass are fattening up for the winter and nothing tastes better than a fat little defenseless frog.

Did We Mention Bass Love Eating Frogs!

Tip 13: Flipping and pitching also great during the fall and can provide an entire day of catching a ton of fish! Large creature baits may be a better choice because they will offer a higher calorie source versus a smaller version of it.

Tip 14: As the grass begins to retreat below the surface, get out your diving crankbaits and your lipless crankbaits again.

As The Grass Retreats, Get Out Your Crankbaits Again!

Tip 15: Colors to use:  Silver/chrome with a black back or a bream pattern with some chartreuse in it…or use a crayfish or bream colored lure some orange highlights always work well.

These colors are a little brighter and may draw more attention to the bass because the water is stained and murky this time of year. 

Jackall Bling 55 flat sided crankbait fishing grass in the fall
When The Grass Pulls Back, Get Out The Jackall Bling 55

Flat sided crankbaits really excel this time of year.

The design gives the wobble a tight shimmy versus a wide roll.
Overall flat side cranks are great for colder water, high pressured water or when the fish are finicky.

We really like the Jackall Bling 55.

It has a small profile with an insane tight wobble action.

It has a very unique weight transfer system that allows it to be cast a country mile!

Great for deflecting in grass and rip-rap.

The threadfin shad color seems to get smashed every time we use it!

It’s totally worth the few extra dollars!


“Oh…The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But Fishing In Grass Is Still Delightful!”

Bass Fishing Grass Can Be Done Any Time Year!

The hydrilla and milfoil will be at its the shortest length of the year, meaning <12 inches and patches will be sparse.

Tip 16: This winter grass fishing pattern works best when you focus your time around the northern section of the lake to look for the grass patches there.  The grass will offer warmth and the bass will sometimes congregate and stack in a small area on the large patch of grass.  So be patient and watch for signs of bass either visually or on your sonar.

Best baits to use is going to be the lipless crankbaits, underspins and spinnerbaits (early winter).

A slow steady retrieve works great most of the time, however, you may need to mix it up by performing a yo-yo retrieve or a stop-and-go retrieve.  Just let the bass tell you to want they want.

Tip 17: Make it a point to knock into the tips and get lightly hung up in the vegetation. Often bass won’t give it a second look unless it’s causing a little ruckus. 

Catching bass in the grass mats vegetation

So there you have it our complete comprehensive guide to fishing grass all year long. 

Isn’t that cool? 

Fishing grass is something you can do all year round right?

We thought so too.

We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read your article we worked too hard on and we hope you were able to take away some actionable items!

Do us a favor, if you think you got any value out of this guide, please share it with your friends! 

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