How to catch more bass in muddy water

Man…If you ever have been stuck bass fishing muddy water, then this article is for you.  

Learn from my mistake!

This simple easy to follow walkthrough for fishing in dingy water is perfect for any beginner or a seasoned veteran.

What A Crappy Morning...

Man…. it was raining again!  To boot, it’s been raining for over a week now!

I had plans to go fishing and take advantage of the spring spawn with the onset of the rains, the water gets muddy.

This presented me with a difficult situation…the silt stays suspended longer when the water colder.

As a result, I had no choice to make the best of it and to fish in the muddy/ chocolate mild colored waters during the spring season.

Being an angler who goes to great extent to fish clear water, this time around there is no other option but to deal with murky madness.

Reluctantly, I’m forced to try my luck in catching muddy-water fish.

Bass fishing in muddy water

Spring Rains Create Muddy Water Runoffs…

Fishey Facts...

Luckily, the muddy water seems to be more of an issue with the fishermen than with the fish.

One irrefutable fact about the bass fish is that their vision is six times better as compared to that of humans.

Another cool fact (in case you’re ever on Jeopardy) is their heightened senses are in the sense of smell that is 600 times better than that of humans and in addition to that, they can also sense the smallest of vibrations from 25 feet away.

Irrespective of whether they have impaired vision or not, they are able to feed and carry on with their daily routine in such conditions.

An Old Story, For A New Day...

Any time muddy water is present and I’m forced to fish in these conditions an old story comes to mind when I had a tournament in Lake Mead.

I was fishing as a co-angler and I didn’t have the chance to pre-fish, but my partner had.

I called him up and he said that a cold front went through and reports coming in that it “stirred everything up” and the catch rates were really low.

On the day of the tournament, I met my partner, roughly an hour before the pre-tournament meeting.

I was tossed a half-ounce spinnerbait in a firetiger pattern coupled with a chartreuse single Colorado blade the size of a half-dollar and told, “Tie this on, and for the rest of your rods, put them in the rod box cuz you won’t need’em.”

bass fishing in muddy water
Nichols Lures Pulsator 1200 Series Spinnerbait

Tourney Time...

When the tournament started and we took off to a backwater cove.

When the daylight finally set in, and we couldn’t tell the beginning of the clay-colored dirt bank ended and the dirty water started!

Being disheartened, I commented that, we were not going to catch anything except a sunburn since the water resembles chocolate soup!

But my partner simply told me to zip it up and keep fishing.

Needless to say, when the day came to a close, we had amassed more than 20 pounds of fish!

Muddy Water Bass Fishing

Listen, we hadn’t gone beyond a 100-yard area from where we started.

That day I learned the trick to catching those bass was pretty simple.

First, find the right type of location…

After the weather and rain had stirred up bottom then you need to find places where run-offs occurred.

This can be in the backs of coves or look for bluff walls where waterfalls occur.

When the water is really stained, focus on anything that is near the bank and sticking out of the water!

This means, focus on timber laydowns, submerged brush, large boulders, bridge pilings, and docks.

This shakes up all the little critters that the smaller fish feed on, and the bass will be attracted to the feeding frenzy and pick off all the little prey fish!

Second, you need to use a bait that is bright, or loud, or has a hard “thump” that the bass can feel through their lateral line.

It goes without saying, baits like spinnerbaits, chatter-style baits, and crankbaits work great.  Dark-colored jigs with rattles also have their place as well!

In our situation, we used a large spinnerbait with firetiger pattern and the skirt’s bright colors and the big thumping blade perfectly fit the bill.

The best muddy water fishing lures not only need to displace water and send out vibration, but you need them to also deflect off the cover, or cause a bunch of commotion in the water.

If you think about it… those bass can’t really see too well in that muddy water, so they have to detect movement from their lateral line, meaning they have to feel it.

Using scent is a HUGE factor when you’re bass fishing in muddy water.

You won’t get more bites when you use scent, however, you’ll get the bass to bite and hold on longer… which gives you an extra second or two to set the hook!

Good luck with these new tips!


Catch Your Legend!

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  1. Great info Dude! I’m sure the 2020 BassMaster Classic contenders will be chunking & winding loud & colorful baits as Lake Guntersville is a big wash-out with all of the rain lately.


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