how to make your Kayak Quiet

How To Sound Proof Your Kayak

In this edition of Kayak Korner we analyze the video from Kayak Hacks Fishing – a cheap SeaDek Alternative.

SeaDek wants over an $80 for their product to make your kayak quiet.

Well, I’m not sure about you all, I’m not made out of money and not willing to drop that type of coin on that product. So when I came across this video I thought it was an absolutely amazing alternative.

Floor Mat Failure!

I think his idea of floor mats was incredibly smart!

And the idea adheres it with Loctite spray adhesive and VHP Tape that advertises itself as it can it even if here to polypropylene which is the substance kayaks are made out of) is brilliant! 

What could go wrong?

The idea sounded really good but unfortunately, it just didn’t stick enough. FAIL!

Yoga Mats...SUCCESS!

The yoga mat ended up being cheaper and lighter than the heavy rubber floor mats which is a double bonus!

The mat adheres with Loctite 300 level. Having used this product myself it definitely is heavier and much stickier then it’s lower-level version, the downside is that it is more expensive as well. Go figure!

Using contact cement is a great idea and I’m not sure why he didn’t use that in the beginning.

One good thing about using a yoga mat is that it can be cut incredibly easy using a simple razor knife. This means no wasted money spent driving to Home Depot buying extra gear when I could use that for more fishing stuff! LOL

Make sure you measure twice before you cut and mark the area with a sharpie or marker.

Remember, you only need the contact cement for the edges of the yoga mat.

As explained in the video remember to take into account the amount of time to allow the cement to air out in order for them to increase their maximum adhesion properties.

And make sure you use proper ventilation otherwise you’ll give yourself a contact high or just a really bad headache, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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