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"8 out of 10 professional anglers say if they had a single lure to use it would be a jig."

Dear Friend,

Does it seem that every time you get on the water it’s just insanely hard for you to choose what lure to use and when?

Isn’t it frustrating spending countless hours trying to locate and find bass?

And when the bass stop biting you need to respond immediately. Stressful right?

It’s not your fault…

The nasty truth is the Big Name companies want you to fail, that way you’ll buy more their jigs.

Exactly how confident are in your jig fishing skills?  Would you gamble $100,000 tournament winning check with your jig fishing skills?

Listen, a jig isn’t just a lure… It is a tool I use in more ways than one…

But you need to know HOW to use it.

The jig can get you out of a lot of jams and in the right hands, could even save your day on the lake… It could mean the difference between going home empty handed or filling your live well and cashing a BIG Dollar check. 

My Name Is George Servenson

I'm the Chief Editor of and author of the book "36 Proven Strategies For Effective Finesse Fishing"​

If you’re familiar with jigs at all then you’ve probably heard of Mythik Lures…

Mythik Lures creates and carries some of the finest jigs, fishing lures and tackle on earth, and over the last few years I’ve been blessed with having a hand in designing and developing each and every one of the jigs you see above… I’ve been working with them for years now and one thing is absolutely clear:

Mythik Lures Knows Jig Fishing

I can relate… you see, I’ve been in your shoes…

I’m was tired of Big Name companies taking advantage of the hard working blue collar angler.

I’ve spent more than Two Years researching, documenting, talking with friends and fellow Professional Bass Anglers so I can build a failsafe blueprint that I can instantly utilize when I need rapid results. 

We’ll lucky for you, Mythik Lures authorized me to publish this absolutely FREE Jig Fishing Blueprint: The Insiders Guide To Jig Fishing to literally help you catch more and BIGGER bass!  

Don't Take Our Word For It... Here's What Everyone Is Saying About Our FREE Jig Fishing Blueprint!

Even if you're new to bass fishing... it will show new ways to fish a jig that you are not familiar with. For will give you a refresher in jig fishing and some unique techniques.
Robert L
Stockton, Ca
I only been bass fishing 3 years and with your course my fishing abilities have increased 75%! I can't believe this was FREE!
Ronald B
Toledo, Oh
Jigs are one of the lures I was always intimidated by, and also losing at the bottom of ponds and lakes. Had I had these courses and knowledge I would have started to fish jigs much earlier in my life. Wow... So many great things, 1. The course is free!! 2. The info can be downloaded and saved for reference. 3. It's easily read, and right to the point!
Brendan C.
Gainsville, Fl
For a guy who goes fishing 6-10 days a month, this course goes in-depth on how to fish a variety of jigs. The tip that stood out the most was the "Clear vs Murky" water approaches.
Roger A
Fishing Guide
The course was very easy to follow. It got right to the important points and had a ton of good information. The diagrams and pictures really helped to visualize different techniques. A tip that stood out was the Pro Tip about fishing laydowns.
Kyle C.
Butler, PA
A lot of the techniques came from thinking outside of the box which many bass fishermen maybe don't think about. There were some ways of fishing a jig I hadn't heard of and am eager to try out.
Wyatt G.
Clear Lake MN

What’s the catch? Don’t worry there’s NO catch! We’re simply trying to get our name out there and do some good in the mean time… 

So keep your wallet in your pocket, because you’re not going to pay a dime for this.

Again, this is our Free gift to you.  I’ve put in hundreds of hours developing this free course for you and we really hope that you find it useful…and like my crude jokes every now and then. 

You are going to discover the Secrets how serious bass anglers from all over the country are learning how to maximize their time on the water and catch more fish!  

Over the next 5 days you’ll receive a new module conveniently by email that goes over every important aspects of jig fishing…

Each day is brand new.  We leave no stone unturned in order give you all the knowledge you need to succeed.

Here are just some of the problems we solve for you…

The Secrets Behind Choosing The Right Jigs and Gear…

How And When To Jig Fish In Different Conditions (ex: day vs. night techniques or how to best fish points or bluff walls)…

How To AVOID Making A Common Seasonal Mistakes That Can Cause You To Loose That Giant Fish Of A Lifetime.

Iron Clad Advanced Techniques That Catch The Pros More Fish Than You… 

and MORE!

Don’t let your fishing buddies out fish you!

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