How Any Angler Can Quickly And Easily Learn To Drop Shot Fish!

Even If You Tried To Drop Shot Fish And Failed In The Past.

Are you tired of fishing the same techniques over and over and getting skunked on the lake? Well you’re in luck, this is FREE tutorial for you! In these lesson, we’re going to break down drop shot fishing from the most basic to the advanced. Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  If you like what you read please give this article a share. Tight Lines!

What Is Drop Shot Fishing?

Drop Shot Fishing is a finesse technique when using light diameter fishing line, and where  the hook is actually above the weight.  

 Some special gear is needed, but it not hard to find. (More on that later)

Typically a shallow water technique drop shot fishing can be used in 8 inches to 80 feet of water. 

A Brief History Of Drop Shot Fishing

Drop shot fishing started in Japan as a deep water fishing technique. Originally the technique was like a 3-way rig, using a 3-way swivel.  But as the technique evolved the swivel was removed and the weight (that had a swivel at the end was pinched off) which later became known as a  self clinching “bakudan” weight.

Removing the 3-way swivel made it much easier to detect bites and catch rates soared.

Once word spread in Japan about the drop shot rig it was an overnight success.

Once drop shot fishing came to the United States a Japanese anger named, Seiji Kato, of Jackall fame, demolished the rest of the tournament anglers.

He called his drop shot rig, “every time luck rig”. 

Soon after the technique started to get extremely popular in the western United States where the waters were very clear and they needed a finesse presentation. 

Then in 1998, featured on the Bassmasster TV show it really highlighted the potential of the drop shot technique. 

Your Drop Shot Fishing Gear.

Here is a list of what you need.  We’ll get into more detail of each item in just a bit. 

  1. Spinning rod – 7 foot, medium, fast tip.
  2. Spinning reel – 2000 – 2500 series (these series are build to be used with lighter line.
  3. 6 pound fluorocarbon fishing line. 
  4. Finesse hooks
  5. Drop shot weights
  6. Assorted baits

Drop Shot Rod

Spinning rod 7′ – 7’8″ – Light/Medium action with fast action tip.  You don’t need to buy the most expensive rod to start with.  It’s important to note, as you advance your skills and confidence in this style of fishing, buying a more expensive rod is going to be made with more expensive material and will offer you greater sensitivity in detecting a soft biting fish. With that being said, you do not need the most expensive gear to started.

St. Croix’s Triumph Spinning Rod gives outstanding sensitivity, plenty of hooksetting power and durability. Made In the USA. 

The length of the 7’6″ is the reason this rod made our top recommendation for beginners. This rod can easily be used to flip and pitch lures in narrow areas.

Each rod is made with premium SCII graphite the rod is finished with two coats of slow-cured crystal clear topcoat that delivers its high-performance action and tapering.  

The rod also includes an ergonomic premium cork handle so it feels great and well balanced in your hands. Check For Best Price On Amazon.

Drop Shot Reel

Having the right reel is important. A dependable reel needs to have a butter-smooth drag after you hook up a fish. You don’t want to have the fish break itself off when you have a junky reel.

We recommend something like the Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel incorporated the newest technology while keeping it’s tried and true base design.

We love this reel for drop shot fishing because of the large reel handle with is large enough to control when your hands are sweaty or wet.

Shimano utilizes it new HAGANE reel design and the X-Ship technology to make it incredibly lightweight and extremely durable. The merging of this new technology has also made the reel increase its winding power and nearly eliminated any noticeable flex. Check For Best Price On Amazon.

The Stradic FK Spinning Reel also boasts its Fluidrive II system and when combined with its Dyna-Balance rotor gives the angler an exceptionally smooth casting and retrieve, and even controls precise re-distribution of line back on the reel.

What this means to you… is that this reel can be your go-to reel and it gives you a great peace of mind that this product is worth the money and can take a beating day in and day out and not wear out the tendons and muscles in your arms, hands, and wrists. Check For Best Price On Amazon.

Finesse Hooks

The best hooks to start would be to either circle or octopus hooks in size #2, #1 or 1/0.  Circle and octopus hooks will essentially set themselves.

Which means you do not have to have a violent up-swing hookset! 

Just reel in the slack, tug up and start reeling in. 

Since you’re just starting out buy the Mythik Lures – Finesse Hook pack. You will receive 150 hooks and a storage box to help you keep everything organized. Click here to buy from Amazon. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the area that you will be fishing it is vital to pick up a 3-5 packs of all styles to be ready for what ever you encounter.

Drop Shot Weights

The best drop shot weight to start with would be lead skinny drop shot weight. 

Nothing’s more frustrating than having your fishing weight get snagged on the bottom. Use these Skinny Finesse Drop Shot weights when you are fishing from shore and/or fishing around rocks and cracks.

These resist snagging since the skinny shape tend to slip through better and can really make a difference between having a fun day or a frustrating day! 

Start with the lightest weight available until you feel the bottom but without getting snagged.

If you know you are fishing in an area without a lot of rocks, then chose a ball or teardrop shaped weight.

When choosing a weight make sure you choose the lightest weight possible to get the bait to the bottom and keep it on the bottom, all while not getting hung up. 

If fishing from shore, choose a 1/8 – 1/4 ounce weight.  Fish will also have a harder time “feeling” that there is a weight attached to the bait the lighter it is. Check Best Price On Amazon.

Drop Shot Baits

Because this technique is so versatile you need a variety of baits. 

Yes, you can use almost anything as a drop shot bait, some work better than others. 

Of those better choices include very soft straight tail worms, fat stick baits/wacky worms and flukes.

Soft plastic straight tail worms are typically very soft flexible worms and are perfect for drop shot fishing.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Most straight tail drop shot worms are 6-8 inches in length and rarely have a diameter over 1/4 inch.

The Zoom Trick Worm and the Roboworm Straight Tail Worm are just a couple of many options.

Fat stick baits/wacky worm baits work well when rigged wacky style. (We’ll get into that technique later). 

The larger size increases weight which in turn effects fall rate. 

The Yamamoto Senko, the Yum Dinger and the Strike King Ocho are phenomenal choices. 

Fluke style baits resemble the shape of a small baitfish. 

These also come in many different colors, by far the most effective colors that mimic a shad or sometimes a bluegill or a small juvenile bass. 

The Zoom Super Fluke is loaded with salt and will trigger bass to bite and hold on.

The Berkley GULP! Jerk Shad has it’s world-renowned bait scent that will attract fish and has been scientifically proven to work. 

Sunglasses/ Eye Protection

Gift Ideas For Anglers fishermen costa del mar blackfin polarized sunglasses

Not protecting your eyes on the water can have devistating damage to your eyes. You need high quality eye protection to protect you from the suns UV A & B rays. The same rays that cause cancer. 

That is why we recommend Costa Blackfin Sunglasses because they are rectangular glasses with a nylon sport wrap with polarized glass lenses.

If you plan on drop shot fishing during the spring you need good sunglasses to block the glare and to see the bedding bass from a long distance away you need these glasses.

The Blackfin is designed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinges, adjustable wire core temples, and special materials on the saddle nose bridge and temples to ensure comfort and minimize slippage.

These sunglasses have lightweight polarized glass lenses that provide amazing clarity and 100% UV protection.  Check Best Price On Amazon.


Protecting your head and neck from the suns damaging rays is also very important.   That is why we recommend you get a good fishing hat that can protect not only your head, but also you neck and face.

These style of hats come with a wide brim and offer removable neck and face flaps.   Check Best Price On Amazon.

Now you have a good idea what you’re going to need in order to start to utilize the drop shot technique. 

In the next lesson we’ll be discussing basic drop shot theory and foundation techniques. 

Tight Lines.


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