Stop Missing 6, 9...20+ Bites In A Single Day By Controlling Your Boat or Kayak's Drift Speed!

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We know that the fish are getting harder and harder to catch because the sport of fishing has exploded, but this is the ONE secret most anglers haven't even accounted for... yet...

The Cost of the average angler’s boat with all the fishing gear and electronics is nearly 47-THOUSAND-DOLLARS!

BUT, high winds can render all that gear useless… That is a scary, but real fact

9 times out of 10 the angler only spots the perfect location once it’s too late… even with the best fish finder…

I’m here to tell you it’s near impossible to keep your bait at the right depth if the wind is blowing like mad…

The vast majority of anglers fail at fishing while it’s windy for a simple reason, their boat refuses to stay over the ideal spot where the fish are holding!…


According to a 2017 report, operator inattention, and improper lookout were in the top three primary factors contributing to boater injuries and accidents

The boater only spots the danger once it’s too late… even with the best set of eyes or equipment…

In 2017 alone, “49 million dollars of damage to property as a result of accidents“…

The old way was to just find a different spot to fish where the wind is more tame…

But more often than not the fish would NOT be in those calm areas, AND every other angler would there too!

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Anglers like us were SCREAMING for a solution!

We’ve been in your shoes… we needed something to slow our boat down, but we did NOT to gamble on a product that is flimsy or breakable (like what the other guys are trying to sell you)…

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve probably gone through dozens of drift socks, some better than others, but none of them were just right…

Over the years I’ve used other different brands of drift socks… and put each one through pretty intense stress tests with countless hours on the water and they failed

When the money was on the line, I had to make darn sure it would stand up to anything and everything that I put them through… and frankly I was disappointed.

But I want to let you in on a little secret.

Flimsy drift socks… no matter how good they “look”, have ONE CRITICAL POINT OF FAILURE

And it’s right here:

The Material Will Rip & Tear In A Moment's Notice

We needed something Strong and Reliable… something that can stand up to anything that good-ol’ Mother Nature could throw at it…


So we set out to make our own Drift Sock… we found an Ultra-Durable proprietary material called RipStop and with 2-TON high-density nylon strapping we created the product we proudly call the Drift Master

And the end result is AMAZING, and I know you will agree. This sock is a BRUT and will definitely help slow down your boat to a crawl and withstand any snags!

We Got Your Back... LITERALLY

Along with slowing your boat down, never worry about throwing out your back by pulling in your Drift Master…

We solved that problem by including a 20-foot UV-resistant marine grade collapsing rope that you attach to the end of the sock tip at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE….

Simply pull in the collapsing rope and the water dumps out! – WITH EASE

To sweeten the deal we also included a FLOATING harness rope

You simply attach one end to your boat and the other to your Drift Master…

Then if your lure gets hung up (or if nature calls) you can quickly detach your Drift Master and it will float in that exact same spot! PRETTY COOL RIGHT?!


"Using a Crappy Sock Will Ruin Your Day On The Water... This Sock Slowed My Boat Down From 3.2 to 1.9 mph Which Allowed As To Slay Walleyes All Day!"

But Let Me Ask You A Question...

If all this drift sock did was to save your day from catching no fish to catching a fish, would it be worth it?  Yes.

If all this sock did was to catch your a Tournament Winning Fish so you could walk away with a BIG DOLLAR CHECK, would it be worth it? Heck ya!

If all this sock did was to catch you the Personal Best Fish of a Lifetime, would it be worth it?  Hands down – you better believe it!

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Our guide is the perfect solution for any beginner or seasoned veteran that gives you years of secret tips that only the Pros know… until now!

We know drift fishing is the secret most trusted way the Pros catch tournament winning fish.  You owe it to yourself to level the playing field.

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Even if you just don’t like my writing style or the way the drift sock feels in your hand.

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The bottom line is, with the way society is headed and the Tree Huggers putting limits and laws on our God Given Rights, owning a Mythik Lures Drift Sock is one of the smartest ways to make sure that you can beat them at their game.  Your drift sock will be silent, stealthy and will not contain any lead or chemicals that will harm the environment. Never get caught unprepared, no matter where you fish.

I have had the privilege of helping thousands of hard working men and women become better anglers throughout the last few years and I would love to be able to help you too…

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