Don’t Take Your Kids Fishing


A story about a Dad and his boy and what “fishing” really means.

“Go fishing on their terms.”

What I mean by the title is our definition of “fishing” is different from a typical kids’ definition of fishing.  Speaking as a first time Dad, I wanted to teach my boy’s the value of the outdoors.  I always dreamed of taking my boy’s out for a day of fishing. When my oldest boy Jarren turned three, I decided that it was time for me to teach him the art of fishing.  Thinking that he would be completely into it, I was met with a wall of impatience and frustration.  I consider myself a really good teacher and I felt that I did really well with explaining things.  However, if we did not catch a fish within the first ten minutes Jarren would be mentally “checked out” and started throwing things into the water.  In turn, this would frustrate me on many different levels, and fishing was not fun for either of us.

After reading an article interviewing Aaron Marten’s be described how he developed a love for the outdoors by just being outside.  He explained that “fishing” when he was a child was much different than fishing as an adult.  He emphasized, the as a child his father would bring him to the water to go “fishing”.  What that really meant is that his father would just to bring him to the water and let him be outdoors. 

After reading this article I put is to practice.  I decided to take my boy fishing on his terms.  Since then I noticed a complete change in the way he views “fishing” and now loves to go whenever I have a day off.  Yes, I did bring our rods and continued to teach him small lessons, but I would tell him, the minute he gets bored and he was to let me know.  Once he told me that he was through fishing (usually we fished about 10-15 minutes), I would immediately pack up and we would go “exploring”.  Then over the next hour or two, we would walk around the lake.   I would also bring lures that were easy to fish and don’t get hung up too often.  He loves fishing a drop shot rig and using our small topwater popper, especially during the spring and summer.   Just the other day he had six solid bites while he landed TWO bass.  Not bad for a 6 year-old!   The best part of all is that we get to spend time together.  We will continue to go “fishing” on his terms and will continue to learn and grow together.

So the next time you take your kid out fishing, take them “fishing” on their terms and keep it fun for them. You will create memories for them that will last a lifetime. 

Have fun making memories!

Tight Lines.


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