5 Drop Shot Mastery Techniques

5 Drop Shot Mastery Techniques

Increase your drop-shot fishing proficiency with these five proven techniques. 


Drop-shotting can be a very frustrating technique to be comfortable and feel confident in. I found it unnerving because I was using new equipment that I was not be familiar with.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone. Here are 5 drop shot mastery techniques to increase your drop shot fishing proficiency.  If you are brand new to drop shot fishing, click here first to read our article: 7 Best Drop Shot Fishing Tips For Beginners.

Sometimes people make things out to be more complicated than they really are. Overthinking the situation will create more frustration and anger towards the subject you are trying to learn.  If you let this frustration set in, there is a strong chance that you will abandon what you sought out to learn in the first place.

As you know, true mastery never occurs, one always must be learning, changing and adapting.  High level proficiency comes with long hours of practice and failure. There’s a great phrase that we like to say at Mythik Lures, and that is: “Fail Faster”.  To us the word ‘fail’ means First Attempt At Leaning.  Take lesson(s) learned from each failure and apply them and do not make the same mistake twice. Therefore, if you Fail Faster you learned your lessons faster and you don’t waste so much time. So if your going to fail, Fail Faster.

Skill 1) Don't Shake What Yo Mama Gave You.

The first skill I would like to stress would be to not move your bait! A lot of people will over think of how much to move the lure. So by shaking it violently it makes the drop shot lure look like it’s having a seizure underwater! And this spooks the fish! So instead of shaking it just keep your rod as still as possible. Subtle fasciculations in your arm or hand will make the lure undulate and appear more like a real bait fish. Also if you’re fishing from a boat, the waves will give the lure movement as well. If you are certain that you want to impart more life into the lure think about not trying to shake the lure but gently shaking the slack in the line.

Skill 2) Hate The Straight.

The second skill I would like to discuss with you all is to make sure that there is always a slight bow in your line. By having a slight bow in the line it allows the hook and lure to move freely, giving it a natural appearance and you can detect bites by watching the line closely.  By keeping the slight straight with no slack will give the lure a stiff appearance. 

Skill 3) Become The Bait.

The third skill I would suggest is to really know what your bait looks like underwater. Use a fish tank or a filled up bathtub or a swimming pool into really observe what type of action you’re giving the bait. Without a doubt your bait will have a completely different look when it’s under the boat versus when it’s The more you understand your equipment such as the action of the bait or knowing the rate of fall with different size hooks, the better decisions you will make on the water.

Skill 4) Know Your Electronics.

“Becoming familiar with your electronics can mean the difference between winning or losing a big check competition.”

Fourth, become familiar with drop shot fishing using only your electronics. Let’s get this out of the way now…..this takes a lot of time and practice. However when comfortable and when you become familiar with your electronics this can mean the difference between winning or losing a big check competition. I’ve personally seen anglers during tournaments mark and waypoint deep nonpressured spawning beds during practice and come tournament day they went back using their electronics caught those fish and won the tournament.

Skill 5) Know Your Electronics.

The final skill I want to discuss is the hook set. Once you detect that bite instead of violently raising the rod and setting the hook at at over position, it’s important to set the hook on a 45 or parallel to the water. Mike Iaconelli calls it a “Sweep Set Technique”. The thin wire hook has a better chance of hookset on the corner of the mouth then it does on the top of the mouth.
So there you have it – 5 drop shot mastery tips. If you want to learn more advanced drop skills and other fishing techniques then check out our VIP community here: 
I hope this gives you a more productive day on the water.

Tight Lines.


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