5 Bass Lures You Should Always Have Ready To Use

5 Bass Lures You Should Always Have Ready To Use

5 Bass Lures You Should Always Have Ready To Use

Intro - Best Bass Lures

Many times anglers will look forward to hitting the water so much that they will forget what to bring.  If you’re like me you have boxes of soft plastic, hard plastic lures, and plugs. To make is just in case you forget to bring your favorite box of lures, always have a Go-To-Box stocked with the best bass lures that will never let you down. No matter what the time of year or condition.
spring summer bass jig

1 - Jigs

Jigs are the quintessential do-everything bait. They can be crawled on the ground like crayfish or swam through submerged brush and timber like shad or bluegill.  They can also be used to conduct hand to hand combat with flipped and pitched. Always have a variety of watermelon, green pumpkin and black-and-blue colored jigs.
spring summer fall bass jig

Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jig - Candy Craw

The Hack Attack Jig is the extreme Heavy Cover Jig. Designed to be fished in and around the heaviest shallow and deep water cover out there. The Hack Attack Jig was built around an exclusive Gamakatsu black nickel heavy wire hook for extra bite and a 30 degree line-tie. Includes a heavy weed guard to help come through cover easier. This jig is best used on heavy Fluorocarbon or Braided line and heavy rods.

2 - Spinnerbaits

When the reaction bite is on you want to throw a spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits shine when they are thrown through shad boils, schooling baitfish or when bass are protecting their fry after spring spawn. Also, you want to throw a spinnerbait parallel to bluff walls and intentionally bumped into the structure.  Spinnerbaits work best if the conditions are breezy-to-windy. 
Advantage Bait Company - Spinnerbait

Advantage Spinnerbait Co. - Threadfin Shad

Advantage Spinnerbaits use Extreme Flash Technology (EFT) creates a holographic light pattern which makes these the flashiest, brightest blades on the market. Fishing lures with realistic hand-painted head with flared gill plates. Tournament grade components make our spinner baits made to last. Stainless steel spacer with 90 strand, 100% silicone hubbed skirt with built-in necktie trailer. Made in the USA

3 - Texas Rigged Soft Plastic Baits

When the bite slows or you want to fish an isolated piece of structure, you want to throw a Texas rigged soft plastic bait. It rarely fails as a lure which is why it’s one of our best bass lures.  I break these down into 3 categories: Senko-style baits, lizards/hogs, worms and fluke-style baits. Depending on the time of year and what forage in the specific area will determine what you use. If you don’t know what forage in the area is, then we recommending starting with a Senko-style stick bait in natural colors like green-pumpkin pepper.
Use a wieght that works well with the depth you’re fishing. 
1 – 4 feet:  3/16 – 1/4 ounce
5 – 8 feet: 1/4 – 1/2 ounce
9 – 16 feet:  1/2 – 3/4 ounce 

Yamamoto Senko - Watermelon Black Flake

If there's been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the past five years it's the Yamamoto Senko. With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. When Gary Yamamoto designed the Senko in the early 90s, he had no idea he was changing the future of fishing. There’s a Senko in the lineup for every possible application and for every angler, from the first-timer to the tour-level pro. Whether you fish it weightless, wacky-style, Texas-rigged, on a Carolina rig, or on a shakey head or flipping jig, this simple slab of plastic will revolutionize your game and increase your catches.

4 - Crankbaits

Crankbaits are amazing for covering water in a hurry, especially if the bass are feeding. Make sure you grind and bump the crankbaits along the submerged structure. Make sure you employ different retrieves as well stop-and-go or burning and pausing work exceptionally well.

Strike King Pro-Model Series 5 Bait

The Strike King Pro-Model Series 5 is a medium-sized body with a medium wobble and medium buoyancy. The Series 5 has a 2 degree diving plane to allow for lengthened casts and deeper depths. Dives to 12 feet One of the most popular crankbaits on the market! All Pro-Model Crankbaits feature free-floating rattles and lifelike 3D eyes.

BP Mythik Lures drop shot hooks

5 - Drop Shot Rig

If the bite is tough, then you want to use a drop shot rig.  Known for its fishing catching ability the drop shot rig is very versatile and many different baits can be rigged. Baits like a straight-tail worm, fluke, lizard or brush-hog worm superbly. 
Mythik Lures Skinny Lead Drop Shot Weights - 1 - 3_8 oz

Mythik Lures - Drop Shot Weights

20 pack with Resealable Bag --- PROFESSIONAL GRADE - All our weights are hand poured using solid lead that is nearly 100% pure. UPGRADED SWIVEL CINCH - By investing in the upgraded cinch swivel, it provides increased grip without cutting your line. SNAG RESISTANT - Nothing's more frustrating than having your fishing weight get snagged on the bottom.

mythik lures drop shot split neko finesse live bait bass walleye trout pike perch trout

Mythik Lures - Drop Shot Hooks

IMPROVED HYBRID BARB - We maintained a slight barb angle of the hook tip. By preserving a modest angle, the hook tip will nearly set itself! No jarring hook set is required. 2X STRENGTH - We increased the standard wire strength to give you the peace of mind that no hook will be bent. WIDE GAP - Expanded gap ensures easy hook sets and will enable the bait to maintain the perfect position. ANGLED EYELET - The outward eyelet allows the hook to have perfect.

There you go…our 5 baits we always have tied on. 
What are your 5 baits that you always have ready? We truly want to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below.

Tight Lines.


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